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Great Social Content
Changes Everything

High Quantity

We deliver 600+ pieces of high-value content per year to your digital doorstep. That's 50+ a month, every month. On schedule, on time, ready to be deployed. That's enough content to stay in constant conversation with customers. Which is what relationship-based marketing is all about. 

High Quality

We have a 30-point quality checklist for every social post we create. In the culture of constant screens, even business messages must be well-produced, entertaining, informative, and offer-rich. Otherwise, you'll be ignored. Or even worse, disqualified.

Real Outcomes

Messages need to do so much -- grab attention, explain your products, make offers, create a fanbase, and, ultimately, bring people into a buying interaction with you. You can't afford to lose the customer at any point during their message journey. A great message chain translates into real sales outcomes. And, yes, we can prove it. Just ask. 

Asset Development

Every month your candy jar (zip file) arrives, stuffed full of new messages. You are constantly acquiring new sales ideas, slogans, images, graphics, names, stories, characters, and pitches. The work we do can fuel ALL your business feeds -- it's that strategic, and creative. 

Our Talented Teams 

Great content requires great talent. Our system insures that every campaign we build gets touched by teams of pro visualists, storytellers,  producers, strategists, writers, and more. It's time to take your intern off your social. You need pro creatives who build social that truly pops. Pings. And crackles. 

We Do the Grind

We've built a highly sophisticated workflow to deliver both high quality and high quantity. We move fast and make upfront decisions with our clients that become beacons for our teams. We believe that making low demands on clients, and taking care of and resourcing highly talented and well-trained staff, is the way to win at business messaging. 

The Super Solution

High-Value, High Impact
Posts Every Month.
Quality Checkpoints
for Every Message 
We Build.
Fully Developed 
Strategy Campaigns 
Per Year.
An ever-increasing fan base that enjoys your messaging, and wants to connect with you.

Make Social 
the Best Part
of Your Marketing

CPG Companies


We know Consumer Product Goods. 
Ask for Emily. Queen of CPG. Seriously.
And so much energy. Worth the call.
Tech Companies


We're fascinated with tech and all its products. 
Fascinated. Ask for Matt. King of Fascination.
Service Bizzes


A service business needs customers and fans who love it, and will tell the world they love it. We know how to service service businesses.
Biz to Biz


We not only speak entertainment, we speak 
fluent business. On so many levels, and 
from so many angles.  We're into B2B, 
because we are B2B.  
Enter the Candy Store

Find Out the Real Potential 
of Business Social 

How We Work

Our proprietary workflow merges business messaging with a Hollywood production model (it helps that one of our founders -- Dr. Dan!!! -- is an Emmy-nominated late night talk show producer and comedy writer). The Candy Jar method is kind of amazing to watch, and we encourage our clients to get ahead of 
the learning curve of how it all works.


We take each client through a rigorous, but speedy gathering process to collect their business goals, targets, products, and strategies. We listen well, ask the right questions, and harvest everything we need before we start.  

Executive Team Meeting

Our super-talented team meets to build a strategy and aesthetics pack that will guide the builds we do for you. These packs are always evolving, but they become the beacons our teams use as they build your messages. 

You Make Primary Decisions

We take you through what we've planned, you make a few essential decisions, and we are actionable. No long, tortured tumult. We believe in setting out great options so that you can make point-and-choose decisions. Painless, efficient, and effective. 

Our Team Gets To Work

Just like that, the energy starts. We know what we're after, our teams are trained and talented, and we get to work. Wow, do we get to work. 

You Post Mind-Snapping Stuff

The moment when you start hearing, "Wow, you guys have such cool posts. I love your feed. I actually look forward to reading your Instagram." That moment. That's when you know you're winning.  

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